Miss Lunatic’s Board Game Spotlight

Self care can be different for everybody. For me personally, when I’m feeling down, I love to play a board game. It’s just the right sort of distraction to help keep my mood from falling even further. So without further ado, here are two of my favorite board games.


Battlestar Galactica


Even if you know nothing about the show, this board game is an entertaining way to fill an afternoon. It’s a competitive cooperative game split into teams, with just one catch, you don’t know who’s on your team. All players have hidden loyalty cards, so even though everyone appears to be human, there are Cylons hiding among the crew trying to sabotage you. There are many different ways for the Cylons to win and just one way for the humans to win, but in my experience the humans win pretty dang often. Half the fun of the game is throwing insults at your friends and making assumptions about whether they’re feeling ‘toaster’-y.

You can get the base game from Amazon or from your local game store.


Ticket to Ride


Ticket to Ride is the game of trains and routes. You draw route cards from a deck and get to pick which ones you want to attempt for points. Route cars will have two cities on them and you must connect those two cities with your trains in order to get the points for the route. In order to lay down trains you have to draw colored train cars from a different deck and be able to lay down enough to match the spots on the board. You can only ever connect one city to another at a time. Depending on how many players you have, more or less spots will be open on the board. My fondest memories of this game involve the angry-yet-somehow-still-friendly yelling of friends who had their preferred route cut off by me. At the end of the game you get points for all the routes you’ve completed and all of the trains you’ve placed, and then you must take negative points for any routes you left undone. The person with the most points wins.

You can get Ticket to Ride from Amazon or your local game store. Also there’s an app! you can play by yourself against a computer or with other players. Available on Google Play or Apple. Enjoy!

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